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Restoring & Repairing Water Damage in Long Island

When you have water in your home, you want it gone — now! Water creates problems very quickly and must be addressed immediately to stop further damage and expenses from occurring. But quick response alone isn’t enough. It’s equally important to make sure your water removal and cleanup process includes thorough drying to prevent mold and other problems. We provide water damage restoration services in Middle Island, NY and the surrounding Long Island areas.

DryFast Restoration is Long Island’s #1 water removal company, we provide services for both commercial and residential customers. If you have experienced a flood, leaking or burst pipes, sewage problems, appliance malfunction, or plumbing mishap, call the DryFast team right away.

  • Experiencing flood damage from a broken pipe?
  • Come home from vacation to a flooded property?
  • Did your toilet overflow?
  • Did your appliance malfunction & now your standing in water?
  • Looking for a restoration company?
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Three Phases of the Water Drying Process

Phase 1 – Emergency Service

Upon arrival, a Statement of Authorization will need to be signed before work can begin. A trained technician will begin by determining if your finished floor covering is salvageable and if it can be dried in place. If so, we will extract as much water as possible. Some important points to remember:

  • Drying the structure of your home is the most important component in emergency water restoration. Our technicians will use penetrating and non-penetrating meters to detect moisture.
  • High velocity air movers and dehumidifiers will be set to dry the carpet and sub-floor and structure as quickly as possible.
  • The equipment must be left on for the designated amount of time to ensure proper drying.
  • The carpet may need to be treated to inhibit microbial growth. If the pad cannot be dried in place, we will detach the carpet from the tack, strip and remove the wet padding to expedite the drying process.
  • A pad sample will be taken back to our office to be matched and ordered for reinstallation.
  • If your carpet is deemed to be unsalvageable, the technician may advise removing both the carpet and pad once authorized by the insurance company and/or the customer.
  • It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The drying and restoration process may require up to three phases before completion.
  • Job Site Inspections: It will be necessary for us to have access to your property during business hours throughout the drying process in order to properly monitor the temperature, humidity, and our equipment. Please work with our office on your preferred method for re-entry to your property so we can properly monitor the drying process.

Phase 2 – Reinstallation/Cleaning

When carpet can be successfully restored, we may need to install new pads and reinstall the carpet. Reinstallation includes re-stretching, reattaching the tack strip, seam repair, and threshold repair and/or replacement. After the reinstallation, the carpet is cleaned and deodorized.

When the carpet and pad can be successfully restored through in-place drying, the carpet will still need to be cleaned and deodorized. During this phase, any upholstery or other damaged furnishings will be cleaned. If equipment is still present, the technician will remove it at this time.

Phase 3 – Structural Repairs

Flood damage can cause a lot of problems for your home or property. After the drying process is complete, structural damage and affected areas are assessed and the repair phase can begin. At this time, drywall, ceilings, and floors will be repaired. 

If carpet cannot be salvaged, new carpet and pad will be installed. It may be appropriate to complete structural repairs before reinstallation and cleaning.

Rapid Response, 24/7 Services

We understand that a devastating water damage or flood restoration event at your business or home can be hard to deal with. Water damage emergencies happen every day. The question is, do you have someone to call? When you discover a problem, contact DryFast for immediate help with water damage restoration services.

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What Our Clients Say…

Great company and people to work with. Very happy with the results. Highly recommend DryFast following any storm and water damage problems.
- C.J. 5 Star Rating
Excellent service! Work was done professionally and neatly. Questions and concerns were addressed quickly. Highly recommend!
- B.B. 5 Star Rating
One of the best companies on the island to deal with. We hired DryFast to dry out a building for one of our customers and they did great job. Fast response, great equipment and incredibly knowledgable.
- S.V. 5 Star Rating
Really good restoration service, affordable fee and polite technician.
- S.G. 5 Star Rating
DryFast crew was clean and efficient. Highly recommend!!
- A.P. 5 Star Rating
Had a great experience with DryFast when they finished. I didn’t see any trash on my property when they left and were done. Everything looked great and I am glad the technicians who came to my house knew what they were doing.
- P.S. 5 Star Rating
The DryFast crew was AWESOME! Very satisfied with this company! They answered every question I had and very helpful throughout their service!
- N.P. 5 Star Rating
Really amazing service! The technicians that came over were so incredibly helpful, took care of my problem right away, and I didn’t need to deal with any part of the insurance headaches. Highly recommend.
- A.D. 5 Star Rating
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Will Your Insurance Company Cover Your Damage?

Water Damage Insurance Coverage

About one in 55 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage each year. Ultimately, your insurance company will determine the coverage for your water loss. The most important aspect is to mitigate the property damage. As the policy holder, this is your responsibility. Moreover, your insurance company will validate that you did your part in minimizing the damage by calling a professional water damage company. We have the knowledge and experience in working with your insurance carrier. Call the best local water damage remediation company, we work with all insurance companies!

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For over twenty years, DryFast Restoration has offered cleaning services to homeowners across Long Island. We have staked our reputation on our high-performing products and world-class service. Today, thousands of homeowners depend on DryFast to provide the clean you expect and the service you deserve.

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